Monday, March 15, 2010

YOUTUBE: Harlow "Still Haunting" (Promo Video)

Here's the video for Harlow's "Still Haunting" from the debut album 'Harlowland', self-released by the band in 2001. Directed by Amy Chance.

Harlow (the band) was an all female rock group from L.A. who gained fame primarily through their appearance on the 2001 reality cable show "Bands On The Run" where they competed against several other bands touring across America for a shot at a record deal and video shoot. While the band didn't win the contest (the prize went to the band Flickerstick instead), the show gave them a sizable following, and soon record labels were eager to sign Harlow to a deal. Ultimately, the band decided against signing a major label deal and instead self-released their debut album 'Harlowland' (produced by Germs/Foo Fighter member Pat Smear) in late 2001.

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