Thursday, March 18, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Go-Go's Best In (Live) Show v3: 1982-1984

A collection of the best performances culled from live shows by Los Angeles all-girl New Wave/Post-Punk band the Go-Go's spanning the years 1982-1984.

all tracks are encoded in the MP3 format (varying bit rate 128-160kbps)
and enclosed in a compressed RAR folder (file size: 90.98 MB). (Thus, you'll need the proper software to open RAR files and the proper codecs to play MP3's on your computer.)

01 Get Up And Go (Live - Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo 6-19-82)
02 Cool Jerk (Live - Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo 6-19-82)
03 Vacation (Live - Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo 6-19-82)
04 The Way You Dance (Live from Berkeley CA 08-14-82)
05 Worlds Away (Live from Berkeley CA 08-14-82)
06 We Don't Get Along (Live from Berkeley CA 08-14-82)
07 This Old Feeling (Live from Berkeley CA 08-14-82)
08 It's Everything But Partytime (Live from Milan Italy 11-5-82)
09 He's So Strange (Live from Milan Italy 11-5-82)
10 Girl Of 100 Lists (Live from Milan Italy 11-5-82)
11 I Think It's Me (Live from Milan Italy 11-5-82)
12 I'm With You (Live From Austin 1983)
13 Good For Gone (Live From Austin 1983)
14 Yes Or No (Live From Austin 1983)
15 I'm The Only One (Live From Austin 1983)
16 How Much More (Live From Austin 1983)
17 This Town (Live at Anaheim Stadium 9-9-83)
18 Capture The Light (Live - Portland ME 7-10-84)
19 Turn To You (Live - Portland ME 7-10-84)
20 You Thought (Live - Portland ME 7-10-84)
21 Forget That Day (Live - Portland ME 7-10-84)
22 Head Over Heels (Live at The Greek, L.A. 8-8-84)

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  1. Excellent thanks for sharing I was wondering where did I saw this cd I but I didn't remember until now.
    Thanks for sharing.