Sunday, March 14, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Bangles "Best In (Live) Show volume 5: 2006-2009"

A collection of the best performances culled from live shows by Los Angeles all-girl Paisley Underground vets The Bangles spanning the years 2006-2009

File Size: 118.93 MB RAR file (must have program to open RAR container)
all files are encoded MP3 192kbps

01 Bitchen Summer (Alhambra CA 7-22-06)
02 Live (Alhambra CA 7-22-06)
03 The Rain Song (Alhambra CA 7-22-06)
04 Walking Down Your Street/Fire (Alhambra CA 7-22-06)
05 All About You (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
06 In A Different Light (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
07 Some Dreams Come True (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
08 Stealing Rosemary (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
09 Be With You (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
10 Eternal Flame (Bristol GB 6-30-08)
11 He's Got A Secret (Vicki Peterson lead vocal) (Falls Church VA 5-23-09)
12 Where Were You When I Needed You (Falls Church VA 5-23-09)
13 Get The Girl/Outside Chance (Falls Church VA 5-23-09)
14 September Gurls (Susanna Hoffs lead vocal) (Northampton MA 5-29-09)
15 If She Knew What She Wants (Northampton MA 5-29-09)
16 Here Right Now (Northampton MA 5-29-09)
17 Single By Choice (Northampton MA 5-29-09)
18 Watching The Sky (Northampton MA 5-29-09)
19 Walk Like An Egyptian/Magic Bus (Falls Church VA 5-23-09)
20 Pushin' Too Hard (Falls Church VA 5-23-09)

Click image below for detail on photo mosaic cover (Warning: Extremely large file).


  1. These are great! Have you thought about compiling some of the unreleased Susanna Hoffs solo material as well? (Two unreleased albums, Oscar telecast, etc.)

  2. Excellent, thanks for sharing, this guys were awesome but I didn't know anything about them since a year and the gossp tv shows does not speak about them, or if someting happend ?
    Thanks for sharing.