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JANE WIEDLIN: The Acoustic Album Sessions

JANE WIEDLIN The Acoustic Album Sessions

The first eight tracks here are from the so-called 'Acoustic Album' by Jane Wiedlin, songs that were recorded for reasons unknown by the Go-Go songwriter/guitarist sometime in the early nineties. It's possible that they were recorded during the same sessions that yielded her acoustic rendition of "Our Lips Are Sealed" that appeared on her 1993 retrospective "From Cool Places to Worlds On Fire: The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin", however the origins of the recordings for now remain unknown.

Along with the eight mysterious 'acoustic album' tracks, i've added in some other 'acoustic' or 'stripped' down versions of songs by Jane herself solo, her mid-nineties band froSTed or with the Go-Go's. See below for tracks and notes on each (To sample some of the songs in the collection, check out the YouTube playlist directly below.).

The Acoustic Album Sessions
File: 148.44 MB RAR
21 tracks - all encoded MP3 stereo, 128kbps-320kbps (bit rate varies)

01 Our Lips Are Sealed (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
02 Mercenary (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
03 100 Years Of Solitude (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
04 Flowers On The Battlefield (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
05 My Traveling Heart (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
06 Tangled (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
07 Give! (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
08 Paper Heart (The Acoustic Album Sessions)
09 Our Lips Are Sealed (acoustic) (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)
10 Call Me Crazy (acoustic)
11 My Boyfriend (Borders 2000)
12 Icicle (Borders 2000)
13 Vacation (Acoustic) (Radio Session 1994)
14 The Whole World Lost It's Head (Acoustic)
15 Mercenary (acoustic - Live 1990)
16 Lust To Love (Piano Version 2005)
17 This Town (Star Lounge 2006)
18 Fading Fast (Star Lounge 2006)
19 Tangled (Acoustic) (World On Fire Matchbook Single)
20 Vacation (Stuck! Acoustic 2009)
21 Our Lips Are Sealed (acoustic) (80's Hits Stripped)

Tracks 1-8: From the so-called "Acoustic Album" of solo and Go-Go's songs that Jane recorded in the early 1990's. Details are few but these may be outtakes from the session that resulted in her acoustic rendition of "Our Lips Are Sealed" which she included on her 1992 compilation album "From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire: The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin".

Track 9 is from the 1992 compilation album "From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire: The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin". This acoustic rendition was recorded especially for the retrospective and was produced by Robin Hild.

Track 10: Acoustic version of the froSTed song "Call Me Crazy" which appeared as a b-side on the single edition of "Call Me Crazy" in 1996, as well as being included as a bonus track on the digital download re-release of the froSTed album 'Cold' in 2009. froSTed was a pop-punk band fronted by Wiedlin from 1995-1997.

Track 11: Acoustic rendition of the froSTed song done by Jane Wiedlin live at an in-store apearance/performance at Borders Books and Music in Los Angeles in 2000. froSTed was a pop-punk band fronted by Wiedlin from 1995-1997. "My Boyfriend" originally appeared on the one and only froSTed album 'Cold' (DGC Records, 1996).

Track 12: Recorded live at an in-store appearance at Border Books and Music in Los Angeles in 2000. "Icicle" was the first radio single released from Jane's fourth solo album "Kissproof World" (Painful Discs, 2000).

Track 13: Performed by the Go-Go's. Recorded live for 96.5 FM's 'Acoustic Cafe' program in 1994 - previously unreleased.

Track 14: Performed by the Go-Go's. Recorded live for the Howard Stern Show in 1994 - previously released as a b-side on the cassette version of the Go-Go's single "Good Girl" (I.R.S. Records, 1995).

Track 15: Performed by the Go-Go's. Recorded live at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles in December of 1990. Previously released on the double CD retrospective 'Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's' (I.R.S. Records, 1994). Original version of the song appears on the Go-Go's album 'Talk Show' (I.R.S. Records, 1984).

Track 16: Performed by the Go-Go's. Recorded live in Las Vegas in 2004 or 2005 (exact date unknown).

Tracks 17-18: Performed by the Go-Go's. Recorded live for 'The Star Lounge' on 98.7 FM Los Angeles in 2006. Original versions from the Go-Go's album 'Beauty And The Beat' (I.R.S. Records, 1981).

Track 19: Acoustic version of the title track for Jane's third solo album 'Tangled' (EMI-Manhattan Records, 1990), that also appeared on the 'Pretty Woman' soundtrack of that year as well. This version was released as a b-side on the 'World On Fire' CD maxi single (known as the 'Matchbook' single since the sleeve is a mock cardboard matchbook, including real striking surface and the disc is housed in a slip-sleeve that has a graphic print of matches.) Produced by Gary Hellman.

Track 20: Recorded on the set of the 2009 film 'STUCK!' as Jane sang the song to the cast and crew during a break. (Song cuts in slightly at the beginning.)

Track 21: Acoustic version recorded for the compilation album '80's Hits Stripped' (Sidewinder Records, 2006).


  1. SWEET!!! thankyou so much...i have a very very crappy acoustic version of tangled very glad to find this

  2. Wow! This is a wonderful present. Many thanks to Jane and anyone else responsible! :)

  3. Hola soy de CHILE sudamerica. esta mujer es muy dulce y hermosa, sus acusticos son muy buenos. creo que este verano voy a viajar a USA asiendo dedo, es muy largo el viaje debo recorrer sur y centro de america, y me gustaria ver a esta mujer que canta de maravillas. saludos a Jane Wiedlin de un ferviente admirador Pablo Benitez.D

  4. Wow great thanks, I was wondering how would be to listen her with some rock inside the same songs, I'm gonna mix it right now haha thanks for the link and the little review.

  5. These songs are wondrous and I truly appreciate all efforts to make them available to the populace. There is something for everyone in verse, tones, tempo, beat and charm that is enjoyable in cadence.

    Thanks truly,
    Gus Guerra

    "it is through song and cheer that our souls breach the stars as the sparrow sings."-Gus Guerra

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    Your sounds create an emerging sense of ingenuity, ubiquity, and retrospect in people's allure to trends,dazzling g

  7. There is a time when words,phrases, and clauses encapsulate verbatim coalesced with beauty and quantified artistic accompli. This arranged harmony demonstrates insight & incredulity in delivery & precise timing. I believe a Jane Wiedlin consciousness is emerging a surface of bright versus deep resonance of bland or dull cacophonous abstraction.
    Love is all there is in an existence of ryme, rhythm, & cadence such as an icicle parlance in a snow kingdom where all is hinged by something enigmatic and magical it is where kings are born and thier heir create magistrate I'm the cold elements of time.-Gus Guerra

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  11. I love the song of Jane Wiedlin, thanks for the sharing the list of songs. Really great information.