Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BANGLES: Live in Berlin 2003

BANGLES: Live in Berlin 2003

Great sounding (A+) show from the 2003 'Doll Revolution' world tour, this one was recorded live at Kleine Columbia-Halle in Berlin, Germany on April 8, 2003 for a German FM radio broadcast. Contains rare performances of the singles "Something That You Said" and "Tear Off Your Own Head" as well as great renditions of "Hazy Shade", "If She Knew..." and most of the other big hits (only complaint being that they left out "In Your Room". Sigh.).

I've kept the show in it's original FLAC lossless format, so the tracks from the show have been split into two RAR folders to download; only convert to mp3 for personal use, please do not re-share converted mp3 files to others as this will help prevent any degredation of sound quality over time. To check out samples of the show, check out the YouTube clips below in the playlist. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/27/10: Due to a problem with one of the files in the second RAR which has now been corrected, i've had to split the second RAR into two, making for a total of three RAR's to download for this show. The information below has been corrected.

UPDATE 10/29/10:  Uploaded a new part 3 and double-checked it (link has been updated) - hopefully that will fix any previous problems we've had with corrupt files, or download problems.  And if not, then it's obvious that the universe doesn't want you to hear Eternal Flame ever again. :-)

Live @ Kleine Columbia-Halle
Berlin, Germany
April 8, 2003
Sound Lineage: FM > JVC DAT > wav (Wavelab) > CDR > FLAC
Part 1: 185.15 MB RAR
Part 2: 181.50 MB RAR
Part 3: 32.42 MB RAR

Part 2 (tracks 8-13): http://www.mediafire.com/?nun4hz4tmd5
Part 3 (track 14): http://www.mediafire.com/?hza82r8ouglx6b0 *updated 10/29/10*

01 Hazy Shade Of Winter
02 Something That You Said
03 The Rain Song
04 If She Knew What She Wants
05 Here Right Now
06 September Gurls
07 Manic Monday
08 Single By Choice
09 Stealing Rosemary
10 Tear Off Your Own Head
11 Between The Two
12 Walk Like An Egyptian/Mrs. Robinson
13 Hero Takes A Fall
14 Eternal Flame


  1. ! Bangles 2003-04-08 Berlin Germany (Part 2).rar: CRC failed in Bangles 2003-04-08 Berlin Germany (Part 2)\11 Between The Two (Berlin, Kleine Columbia-Halle 4-8-03).flac. The file is corrupt

  2. Thanks for letting me know...the problem has been fixed with new download info for Part 2 (which has now been split into a third part - see above for the new download links and info.)

  3. Bangles V4 download via Safari would not fully unpack; it did work with Firefox. Bangles in Berlin Pt 3 via Safari, Firefox, Opera, Flock, and Chrome all failed, apparently just the audio; the graphics unpacked okay. Not my favorite Bangles song anyway.

  4. i keep getting
    Bangles 2003-04-08 Berlin Germany (Part 3)/14 Eternal Flame (Berlin, Kleine Columbia-Halle 4-8-03).flac - CRC failed
    when upacking part 3

    any ideas? and thanks for posting this

  5. Like the others above when I extracted the RAR file to get the FLAC file for part 3 I got an error which resulted in only getting the artwork but no Eternal Flame song.
    It would be great if you could upload that song again.

  6. Re-Up part 3, please, broken archive

  7. I was one of the above who reported getting an error on the last song.
    So, I looked elsewhere and found another site that had one large FLAC file of the whole show. I was able to D/L it before the link no longer worked.
    Anyway, I just uploaded a WAV file of the last song.
    The lineage is NDR2 Radiokonzert > DAT LP 32kHz >
    DAT Clone LP 32kHz > Sony DTC-ZE700 > WAV > CDR > FLAC > WAV


  8. Apologies for the delay and thanks for the megaupload link - it is appreciated. As far as my mediafire links go, i've uploaded a new part 3 at http://www.mediafire.com/?hza82r8ouglx6b0 and double-checked it, so hopefully that will fix any previous issues we've had with corrupt files or download problems. And if not, then it's obvious that the universe doesn't want you to hear Eternal Flame ever again. ;-P

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  10. Hi,
    Any chance of getting part 2 reuped? Thanks ahead of time!!