Monday, March 22, 2010

DOWNLOAD: The Bees Knees: Voice Of The Bee-sides v3

Here's the third, and final, volume of rare tracks from 80s pop group Voice Of The Beehive. Covering the rest of the bands recorded output including demos, live tracks and remixes, it serves as an excellent supplement to any Beehive collection. The first twelve tracks were previously released on the album 'Bee-sides', which was self-released by the band and sold exclusively via their website and at live shows in 2003, and is no longer available. Of these twelve tracks, the first four are never before heard songs that rank up their amongst the best the band ever recorded; it's a shame that the band disintegrated before ever being able to fully realize these. See below for a tracklisting at a glance, a video player where you can sample any of the tracks in question and below that more detailed notes about each one. For my post about the first volume, which covers the years 1987-1989 click here, and the second volume, covering the rest of the bands recordings 1991-1996, click here.

files are all encoded joint stereo, 44100 hz MP3 112kbps-320kbps (bitrate varies)
Bundled in a RAR folder for download
RAR file size: 149.79 MB
(You must have software capable of opening RAR files and and the proper codec or equipment to play MP3's.)

01 Stupid Boy (Demo)
02 Baby Don't Stay (Demo)
03 Doriah (Demo)
04 Modern Heart (Demo)
05 Playing House (Demo)
06 Only If You Want To (Demo)
07 Waitress (Demo)
08 Pocket Sized (Demo)
09 Cupid (Demo)
10 Shine Away (Demo)
11 Heavenly (Demo)
12 Perfect Place (Demo)
13 Beat Of Love (Live at Town & Country Club 6-23-88)
14 7 Shocks (Live)
15 There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car (Live)
16 Trust Me (live)
17 Just A City (Live)
18 I Say Nothing (Live)
19 Independence Day (Live at Town & Country Club 6-23-88)
20 VB - Goddess Of Love (Vocal Mix)
21 I Think I Love You (Orgy Mix)
22 I Say Nothing (Clean Radio Edit)

Tracks 1-12 previously only available on the 2003 album "Bee-Sides", self-released by the band via their website and at live shows.
Tracks 1-4 were never re-recorded for official release making them unique amongst these songs.
Tracks 5 & 11 are demos of songs that would later find release on the 1996 album "Sex & Misery"
Tracks 6-8 are demos of songs that would appear on the "Monsters & Angels" Single release in 1991.
Track 10 is a demo of a song that appears on the cassette only version of the 'Perfect Place' single in December 1991.
Track 8 is a demo of the 'Honey Lingers' album track "I'm Shooting Cupid" that is different in song arrangement than the final version.
Track 12 is a demo of the 'Honey Lingers' album track.
Track 13 & 19 recorded live at the Town & Country Club June 23, 1988. Previously unreleased.
Track 14 & 15 recorded live at Glasgow Art School July 15, 1988 courtesy of Radio Clyde. Both previously released on the 'Man In The Moon' single released December 1988.
Tracks 16-18 recorded live for BBC Radio One 'In Concert'series aired October 19, 1991. Previously available on the 'Perfect Place' single released December 1991.
Track 20 & 21 are remixes of "I Think I Love You" that appeared as b-sides to the "I Think I Love You" single release in September 1991. "Orgy Mix" by Harding & Curnow, and '"VB - Goddess Of Love" remix by Mike Edwards (of Jesus Jones fame).
Track 22 is the clean radio edit of the song that radio was serviced with. This version contains changed words different to the original version - unlike the "single version" which simply omits the first verse of the song.


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