Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Graces - Perfect View (LP + Bonus Tracks)

The Graces
Perfect View
(A&M Records, 1989)
Full Album Release + Extras

File: 117.23 MB
10 album tracks + 3 bonus tracks = 13 tracks total + 2 videos + image gallery
Comes in a RAR archive file, so you must have the necessary software (i.e. WinRAR, WinZIP, etc) to open and extract files from them already on your computer. All tracks are encoded in the MP3 format (bitrate varies), and both videos are in the MP4 format, so you must have each necessary codec installed before being able to play the respective file type.

(updated 9/21/10)


(added 9/21/10)

01 Lay Down Your Arms
02 When The Sun Goes Down
03 Perfect View
04 Fear No Love
05 Time Waits For No One
06 50,000 Candles Burning
07 Should I Let You In
08 We Never Met
09 Tomorrow
10 Out In The Fields

Lay Down Your Arms [Belinda Carlisle's version]
Should I Let You In [Belinda Carlisle's version]
Guardian Angel [1976 Charlotte Caffey Demo]

Lay Down Your Arms
Perfect View


  1. Thank you very much ! The link is down, is there any chance to see it reuploaded some time soon please ? :)

  2. Medaifire download link has been updated above, and i've also added a Hotfile mirror link, just in case the other one goes down again.

  3. The Graces were that late 80's early 90's studio shmaltzy pop that really spoke to my teen angst ridden soul at the time. I would pine and wish for days of future past as I listened to the tape in my spark-o-matic tape deck in my first set of wheels of a brown Chevy station wagon. I would let it infiltrate my soul on long high school football trips. Others would jam to Bon Jovi and Motley Crue in that mediocre Phantom of the Opera halftime show season. I however would let loose from the deepest depths of a heart of un-released untapped manhood. The desperate raspy voice of a yet unrecognized Meredith Brooks sent a vocal picture of all the emotions running through me at the time. The sweet soft almost ethereal voice of Charlotte Caffey made my inner Knight in armor want to rush in to protect this lithe damsel of all that haunted and hunted her. Yes, in an glimpse of time that yielded to musical and social awareness of the liberation of rock and anthem studio sounds it was this group that triggered the last breathe of style and sophistication in Popular commercialized music. I remember hearing a snippet "Perfect View" in an Oldsmobile Commercial. The 80's was a crazy time as one former political candidate voiced recently about the wicca movement and the new age awareness of that time.

  4. Nice gift for my birthday (Thursday, June 17, 2010), pretty girls @voices of them! Thank you very much !

  5. + a little correction:(Friday, June 17, 2011 too)!!!Thank you very much again!!!