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Cake Like - Goodbye, So What (GBG Deluxe Edition: LP + Bonus Track)

Goodbye, So What
(GrrlBandGeek Deluxe Edition)
Original LP release - Vapor Records (1999)

File: 33.23 MB RAR
12 album tracks + 1 bonus track = 13 tracks total + image gallery
Comes in a RAR archive file, so you must have the necessary software (i.e. WinRAR, WinZIP, etc) to open and extract files from them already on your computer. All tracks are encoded in the MP3 format (bitrate varies), so you must have each necessary codec installed before being able to play.

01 Lucky One
02 My Guy
03 Don't Tell
04 Ashley
05 Dead To Me
06 Getaway
07 Superstore
08 Swell
09 Blacked Out And Blue
10 God's Alright
11 Frequent Flyer
12 Miss You
13 Love Charm (Non-LP Bonus Track)*

*Originally appeared on the 1998 compilation Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan (a tribute to the T. Rex singer)
Ah, Cake Like. I love 'em. For those who don't know, Cake Like was the all-girl rock band fronted by writer/actress/comedienne extraordinare Kerri Kenney-Silver from MTV's The State sketch program, Comedy Central's Viva Variety and probably most notably Reno 911, which I believe she stars in to this day. The group got it's start when Kenny-Silver met Nina Hellman while both were attending NYU's Experimental Theater department in the early 1990's. The two decided to work together on a creative music project and soon enlisted Hellman's roommate fashion designer Jody Seifert to play drums with them. Despite none of them having ever played their instruments before (or perhaps because of it), they developed their own unique style, fueled by Kenney-Silver's natural comedic style of storytelling combined with the trio's minimalistic, improvisational style of playing. Initial gigs with friends like Soul Coughing and Shudder To Think got the buzz started; at one of these early shows jazz saxophonist John Zorn saw the group and was so impressed asked the band to record an album (1995's Delicious) for his Avant Records. A Ric Ocasek-produced single "Mr. Fireman" followed, after which the band became the subject of a major-label bidding war eventually won by Neil Young's Vapor Records. Their second LP Bruiser Queen was issued in 1997, with Goodbye, So What (their third and final album to date) appearing in the summer of 1999. While all of the Cake Like albums have some standout tracks, this release is probably the most song-based record they have - with more focus on traditional song structure and melody, albeit with their own unique spin.

Sadly, Cake Like is now pretty much defunct, as the band members high profile dayjobs have proven to be much more successful than the band ever was. Still, I hear word there may be a re-issue of this record along with Bruiser Queen on one CD in the not too distant future, and that the band may be preparing some new material for it. Fingers crossed.

Key Tracks:

Non-LP Bonus Track:
(cover of a T. Rex song from a Marc Bolan Tribute album.)

Check out Cake Like "Lucky One" below:

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