Thursday, August 12, 2010

Johnette Napolitano: Sound Of A Woman (Unreleased Solo Album)

Sound Of A Woman
(Unreleased 1998 solo album)

File size: 112.28 MB (RAR Bundle) 
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All music files are in the MP3 format with a bit rate of 320 kbps.

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01 I'm Your Queen
02 Sound Of A Woman
03 I Can Do Anything
04 Deliver
05 Something Fast
06 Todos Los Santos
07 Firefly
08 Human
09 Closer
10 Sleep
11 Lullabye For Fabiana

Here's the much fabled debut solo album by Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano that was supposed to have been released in 1998, but never saw the light of day.  It remains unreleased to this day.  Enjoy!


  1. Always good to see this being shared. An excellent release that should see the light of day officially. I have it already, but thanks for the upload!

  2. This is easily one of the best rock albums ever. What a genius.

  3. This woman is one of the most amazing talents that ever walked the face of the earth. It is a crime that this brilliant recording never saw the light. It is phenomenal.

  4. Thanks so much for this! You are a gem for uploading... Another long search finally over!!!

  5. I have a copy of this on tape. Fantastic album Johnette was mind blowing in concert when she performed these songs, especially her amazing live rendition of Something Fast, which was harder and way more metal than even SOM had performed it. Johnette was just amazing, she blew the crowd's mind. I'm still deeply disappointed this album wasn't released, it's an amazing work that would surely have inspired a generation of women. Why CB and Johnette's work isn't more widely loved and recognized I don't know, she's phenomenal in concert and on the albums and her writing is consistently amazing.

  6. Big thanks from Russia. She is amazing as always. You really made my day, thank you sooooo much)))

  7. Man, you really made my day, thanks a million for sharing this !


  8. Wonderful to have discovered your blog, and be able to listen/ download the album by Johnette!

    Sagri from India

  9. THANKS Very Much for having this for download. Great!!!