Sunday, May 2, 2010

Courtney Love "Left In The Dark: The 'America's Sweetheart' Sessions"

Left In The Dark
The America's Sweetheart Sessions: B-sides, Outtakes & Rarities

File: 89.08 MB RAR
Tracks: MP3, varying bit rate

01. Mono (Alternate/Early Version)
02. Fly (Mono single b-side/Japanese album bonus track)
03. Sunset Strip (Non-U.S. Version)
04. Sunset Strip (U.S. Version)
05. Left In The Dark (Outtake)
06. Hold On To Me (Acoustic Demo - Radio Session)
07. Dark End Of The Street (with Ryan Adams) (Live on MTV2 2002)
08. Life Despite God/Chris Classic 1 (Demo - Rehearsal) (Ventura, 10/26/01)
09. Life Despite God/Chris Classic 2 (Demo - Rehearsal) (Ventura, 10/26/01)
10. Voices Carry (Live in Japan 7/31/04) ['Til Tuesday cover]
11. Cod'ine (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 10/26/04)

12. House Of The Rising Sun (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 10/26/04)
13. Mono (Clean Version)
14. Love Love Love (from the film Adam and Steve)

While many have written off Courtney Love's first solo record America's Sweetheart as a self-indulgent, awful mess (Love herself even calls it 'Le'Disastre'), in my opinion, this album gets far more shit than it deserves. Yes, it was slightly self-indulgent and completely drug-fueled, but isn't that what we have come to love about Ms. Love? History (and Love's subsequent legal troubles) have clouded most people's judgement about the LP and well, the truth of the matter is the album got really great reviews upon it's initial release in 2004. Unfortunately, around this time CL had become way too polarizing a character for radio to even give it a shot - and it's a shame because unheard tracks like "Hold On To Me" and "Sunset Strip" could have been massively huge across the board.

In four years, it's doubtful Virgin will be putting out a special bonus track-laden deluxe edition of America's Sweetheart to mark the ten-year anniversary of it's release, so instead i've decided to gather up this collection of what might have been on it. B-sides, outtakes & rare live tracks culled from the time period CL has now dubbed "The Letterman Years" - songs that were literally "Left In the Dark".


  1. I've always said that, if America's Sweetheart would've been written by any 18 years old girl, they'd say that she was going to save rock'n'roll. But it was witten by Courtney Love...
    I do love this record. It is truly her - what she was then. It sounds so sincere it hurts... There are many songs on this compilation i didn't have, thanks so much!

  2. You're so awesome, i've been looking for something like this since a listen 'fly' (what a great song, it could have been a great, kick ass single)

    love from argentina

  3. Oh Finally YES....something else to look forward too..

  4. She is one of the less talented singers ever, the only reason she is known is because she was Cobain's wife.

  5. America's sweetheart isn't one of the best clove's records but it rocks !

  6. ^ i agree with you Porcelain Doll she is America's sweetheart with a rockin personality KD Cobain RIP buy valium online

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  8. Download link doesn't work anymore.

  9. Please fix the link :)

  10. please, please, please someone re-upload this :-)

  11. I need to get this. So much that I haven't heard. Please, please re-upload. I will be so grateful :)


  13. Hi, any chance for re-up? I'm dying for it!

  14. Would very much like to hear this, particularly the live tracks. Please upload again - many will be grateful.

  15. Definitely gone! :o(

  16. If anyone is still looking for this, I found a live download of it. Had to dig the depths of a practically defunct Hole forum, but I found it!