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In 2004, to celebrate the release of her debut album America's Sweetheart, Courtney Love did this highly entertaining promo with Los Angeles radio station KROQ called Breakfast with Courtney Love. Broadcast live from The Viper Room on February 17, 2004 as part of the 'Kevin & Bean Show', BWCL (as I like to call it) was part interview, part live performance and part meet and greet, with Courtney seeming extremely lit for the duration of the show. (I don't know what everybody else there ate, but Courtney must have had crack cocaine and pills for
breakfast that day.)

Courtney and band 'The Chelsea' perform "Mono" and "Hold On To Me" (from America's Sweetheart), Hole classics "Plump" and "Celebrity Skin" (the latter with a wacky over-the-top reprise that consists of Courtney singing the song acapella with the fans urging them to 'Help me out on this, guys!'), as well as a bizarre cover of 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" that veers on karaoke territory with Courtney badly humming some of the lyrics, only jumping in on the lines she remembers. She fields questions from the extremely enthusiastic audience, and also shares some personal thoughts and stories including an encounter with Creed singer Scott Stapp and her thoughts on Hole drummer Patty Schemel vs Hole drummer Samantha Maloney. All in all, Courtney dishes up some wicked grub to dine upon - dig in!

Recorded live at The Viper Room by KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles for 'The Kevin & Bean Show' on February 17, 2004. Check out samples from the show in the YouTube playlist below.

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01 Mono (Live)
02 Most Profound Moment*
03 Patty vs Samantha*
04 Childhood Fantasy*
05 Amazon Planet Of Girl Bands*
06 We Missed You Courtney*
07 Q: What Inspired You To Become A Musician?*
08 Q: Are You Writing A Book?*
09 I'm Gonna Say The 'W" Word*
10 Q: How Are You Coping?*
11 Plump (Live)
12 Q: Are You Still Friends With Eric & Melissa?*
13 Q: What's Next?*
14 Q: Are You Doing Any Acting Soon?*
15 Q: What Bands Are You Into Now?*
16 Voices Carry (Live)
17 Q: What Women In Rock Do You Admire?*
18 Q: Do You Watch Any TV?*
19 Creed Story*
20 The Deviant's Advantage*
21 Celebrity Skin (Live)
22 Celebrity Skin (reprise)
23 Q: What's Your Opinion on Britney?*
24 Q: What Did The New Album Do For You?*
25 Q: Would You Do Anything Differently?*
26 Q: Who Inspired You?*
27 Hold On To Me (Live)

Bold indicates musical performance
*indicates Q&A with Courtney, Courtney rambling on, or someone else talking about Courtney. Non-musical segment.
Italics indicates a Q&A with Courtney

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