Friday, April 2, 2010

YOUTUBE: The Muffs "Beat Your Heart Out"

Brilliant cover of the (punk rock) Zeros song "Beat Your Heart Out" that originally appeared as the flipside to the Sub Pop Singles Club release from the band in 1992. Written by Robert Lopez, the man now known to the world as 'El Vez', the Mexican Elvis.

The song is unique in the Muffs catalogue of songs in that it features a full duet between guitarist/main muff Kim Shattuck and drummer Criss Crass. While Crass also sings lead on a cover of the Saints "Do The Robot" (which was released as the b-side to the "Big Mouth" 7" single), and shares vocals with bassist Ronnie Barnett on the early b-side "You Lied To Me" and first album cut "Stupid Jerk", this is the only Muffs song that features both Shattuck and another vocalist. Crass left the band in 1994, and was eventually replaced by Roy McDonald, Crass' former boss at the Wherehouse in Orange County who still occupies the drum seat to this day. While McDonald is an ace drummer, there was never a replacement for the male harmony vocals that Crass supplied, a key element to the early sound of the band, which is evident in full effect here.

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  1. It is one of the best videos about the music, so I think that the orange country still occupies the drum seat to this day. Excellent information, thanks for sharing!