Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YOUTUBE: Mary's Danish "Yellow Creep Around"

In 1892,
The New England Magazine published "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore, a 6,000 word short story that in time would be hailed as an important work of early feminist literature depicting attitudes about women's mental health issues in the 19th century. While that may evoke a collective yawn from most of you, don't let it put you off from reading the novella, as it's also a fine example of gothic literature, a tale of subtle horror on par with the best of Edgar Allan Poe. And it's 'creepy' as hell.

A copy of the complete story from the pages of
The New England Magazine is available online to read here: The Yellow Wall-paper, A Story

In 1991, nearly 100 years after the publication of "The Yellow Wallpaper", SoCal eclectic alternative rock band
Mary's Danish released their second album Circa, which led off with the track "Yellow Creep Around", a song based upon Gilmore's famous novella. Masterfully crafted by the band (and producer Dave Jerden), the song is simply a pop masterpiece of epic proportions from the radio tuning samples at the beginning to the final lalalalalalalalalalas that close the tune. If this is the sound of a fragmented mind's descent into madness, sign me up! (Oh wait, too late...)


  1. This kind of literature is a little bit creepy, because it was created wit a feminist style, it was the sensation I could feel in my first reaction when I read it.m10m

  2. I am a big fan of Mary's Danish. I enjoyed both the video (I've never seen it before) and the back story. I know the song well, but didn't know it was about this story. Thanks for taking the time to write about.

  3. Very interesting article here friend. So delicious, love this ensemble and would love to have it too! Please keep us up to date like this.