Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go-Go's Do Hollywood Heartbeat 1980


With the recent release of the remastered Beauty And The Beat 30th anniversary edition and the kick-off of Ladies Gone Wild!, their first tour in nearly two years, the Go-Go's have been busier than they've been in years.  As they themselves allude to in the tongue in cheek name they gave for their summer tour, girls they ain't anymore and it's hard enough for a girl to weather the stress of life on the road, let alone a lady gone wild...  This was best illustrated this week when Belinda Carlisle's throat doctor ordered her to take a three-day vocal break, which resulted in the band postponing two shows on the east coast.  We send Belinda our best, and wish for a speedy recovery so the Ladies can get back to doing what they do, not putting on red clown noses and simulating live birth with each other, but rocking, and rocking quite harder than I think they ever have if the recent Seeds-esque sounding performances of "We Got The Beat" are anything to go by.

On a related note, check out this early clip from 1980 of the band doing "We Got The Beat" on the TV show Hollywood Heartbeat back when they actually were girls and did all sorts of wild and naughty things for real.  Anyways, this was back in that almost mod period the band went through after their initial punk start when they were all about doing the cool jerk and the watusi and hanging out with the Specials and Madness and wearing headbands and day-glo colors rather than trash bags. It's probably the first television appearance the band ever made and certainly one of the few to feature original bassist Margot Olivarria.  Enjoy!


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