Friday, October 29, 2010

Go-Go's: Live @ The Whisky a Go-Go 8/17/80

Whisky a Go-Go
West Hollywood CA
August 17, 1980
Urgh! A Music War documentary filming

16 tracks total
(nearly complete set - track 15 is missing).
Sound quality: C
Artwork & upload by MaxPericles for SpinCycleMedia
(Thanks to the original tapers whoever they may be!)

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319 MB overall
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01.  Beatnik Beach 
02.  How Much More 
 03.  Speeding 
 04.  Lust To Love 
05.  Tonite 
06.  Cool Jerk 
07.  Skidmarks On My Heart 
08.  You Can't Walk In Your Sleep 
09.  Surfing And Spying 
10.  (Remember) Walking In The Sand
 11.  We Got The Beat 
12.  London Boys 
13.  This Town 
14. Let's Have A Party 
15. (track missing)
16.  Automatic 
17.  He's So Strange 

One of the first shows played by the band after returning from a three-month long tour of the mid-1980, and notable for being both the show where the Urgh! A Music War performance of the band was shot, as well as being singer Belinda Carlisle's 22nd birthday.

The sound quality on this one is in the fair to poor's extremely rough with a lot of audience noise and talking heard throughout (about ten minutes in I wanted to punch the guy that kept shouting "Show us your tits!" between every song...give it up, man!)  The barely tolerable audio is more than made up for by the versions of two classic Go-Go's tracks: "Tonite" and "Automatic" here performed in extremely rough arrangements very different from their final recorded versions (This early version of "Tonite" even has a completely different chorus and chorus melody than the BATB version.)  If you enjoy examining the process of songcrafting, you'll dig these - think of them as missing links in the chain of their evolution!  Enjoy.
Oh yeah, and sorry - track 15 is missing and I don't know know where it went.  :( 



  1. Thanks again for your fine work,
    After so many years I'm always happy for a new Go-Go's show!!
    Thanks again for all!!

  2. Sounds better than I expected. I'd give it a solid VG, nice blend of instruments and vocals aren't buried.
    Thanks for the FLAC.

  3. Thank you once again, this is just awesome. The early Tonite version reminds me of Fashion Seekers a lot, which is a very good thing for me. The Walking In The Sand performance is not their best, but still nice. This is one of my very favourite songs of theirs (so much better than the original), so I'm very happy to discover a new live version of it. Sooo bad they didn't recorded it in studio ! He's So Strange is also one of my very favourites, so you can tell how happy I am with that new show. Besides, I'm very fond of the early Automatic version.

    The "show me your tits" don't bother me, I mean, it's part of a Go-Go's show, isn't it ? XD

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  5. Thanks! Before today I only had one Go-Go's live track from that year (the one song from Urgh! A Music War).
    By the way what makes you think there's a song missing? I just listened to track 14 and 16 and there's no edit in the tape and nothing missing at all.