Sunday, February 28, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Concrete Blonde: KCRW 4/23/87

CONCRETE BLONDE: Live performance on KCRW FM, Santa Monica CA. (Date aired: 4/23/87)

Live from S.N.A.P. on KCRW FM. Hosted by Deirdre O'Donaghue.


01 True (Acoustic)
02 Your Haunted Head
03 Cold Part Of Town
04 Song For Kim (She Said)
05 Sun
06 Human Condition
07 Dance Along The Edge
08 (You're The Only One Who Can) Make Me Cry
09 Scene Of A Perfect Crime
10 Beware Of Darkness
11 Little Sister
12 Rain
13 Studio Talk
14 It'll Chew You Up & Spit You Out
15 Studio Talk
16 Little Conversations
17 Studio Thank You

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  1. I heard the first track of Concrete Blonde, now I'll have to download the other tracks because the sensation I could experiment was incredible, I'm gonna share this music with my friends.m10m