Thursday, April 22, 2010

Courtney Love "The Rehab Demos"

'Hole Lotta Love' week continues on as we approach the official release date for Nobody's Daughter - the first new Hole album in over 12 years. There has been some controversy over Courtney Love's use of the name Hole on the record, since she is the only original band member returning for the new album, a recording that began life as her long-delayed second solo album How Dirty Girls Get Clean. The artist name change from 'Courtney Love' to 'Hole' is but one of many changes and twists the project underwent since it started a month after Love emerged from 90 days of court-appointed drug treatment in 2006. With most of the songs being written during her 'lock down', Love dubbed the initial recordings "The Rehab Demos", and almost immediately set out to record the album with superstar songwriter/producer Linda Perry and old chum Billy Corgan. This then, is the story, told through interview clips, recording outtakes and the final studio demos themselves, of those early sessions - rebuilding the Queen of Rock - one track at a time.

The Rehab Demos

File size: 151.13 MB RAR

RAR contains 38 tracks, encoded in the MP3 format, most with the following properties:
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz{CR}
Sample Size: 16 bit
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.98r
Encoder Settings: Constant Bit Rate 192 kbps
Audio Quality: High (Lossy)

Note: Tracks 13, 27 & 34-38 are encoded 128Kbps and track 21 encoded 320Kbps.

01 [You Can't Keep A Good One Down] (1:39)
02 [Pacific Coast Highway - Recording Outtake] (:43)
03 Pacific Coast Highway (Final Studio Demo) (4:39)
04 [Songs About Disasters] (1:12)
05 Dirty Girls (Filth Version) (Studio Demo) (5:07)
06 [Producer Linda Perry] (1:21)
07 Letter To God (Studio Demo) (4:06)
08 [Things To Teach My Children] (1:51)
09 For Once In Your Life (Studio Demo) (5:03)
10 [Relations With Her Parents] (:37)
11 Nobody's Daughter (Original Version) (Studio Demo) (4:45)
12 [On 'Sunset Marquis'] (:38)
13 Sunset Marquis (Full Band Studio Demo) (5:47)
14 [It's A Sexy 'I Hate You Asshole'] (:28)
15 Standup Motherfucker (Full Band Studio Demo) (4:44)
16 [Food Is For Peasants] (:57)
17 Loser Dust (Studio Demo) (2:57)
18 [Hillcrest School Student Review] (:58)
19 Dirty Girls (Candy Version) (Studio Demo) (3:24)
20 [April 17, 1994] (:26)
21 Car Crash (Studio Demo) (3:25)
22 [On Grieving For Kurt] (:45)
23 Happy Ending Story (Studio Demo) (4:30)
24 [On 'Never Go Hungry Again']
25 Never Go Hungry Again (Studio Demo) (4:30)
26 [The Recording of 'Samantha'] (1:22)
27 Samantha (Original Version) (Studio Demo) (3:59)
28 [One Shot Left] (:38)
29 Sunset Marquis (Piano Demo) (3:48)

30 Never Go Hungry Again (Acoustic - The Times Online Podcast) (4:43)
31 Standup Motherfucker (Solo Acoustic Demo) (5:23)
32 Pacific Coast Highway (Rough Mix - Outtake/Excerpt) (2:45)
33 Sunset Marquis (Acoustic - Radio Session) (3:53)
34 Samantha (Live @ The Roxy 7/17/07) (3:51)
35 For Once In Your Life (Live @ The Roxy 7/17/07) (5:08)
36 Letter To God (Live @ The Roxy 7/17/07) (4:02)
37 Nobody's Daughter (Live @ The Roxy 7/17/07) (4:47)
38 Never Go Hungry Again (Live @ The Roxy 7/17/07) (4:23)

Brackets [ ] indicate track is an interlude composed of interview excerpts or recording outtakes; Click image below for notes & information on each individual track.

This is a fairly comprehensive overview of the Linda Perry recording sessions that kicked off work on what would become the 2010 Hole record Nobody's Daughter. Tracks from these sessions began to leak to the public in 2007 and were incredibly positive, with many comparing the results to Marianne Faithfull's Broken English and Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks. In mid-2007, while Love was putting together a backing band to road test the new material, she discovered 18-year old guitar virtuoso Micko Larkin, formerly of short-lived British Thamesbeat band Larrikin Love. Love meeting Larkin was the spark that transformed the project she was working on from subdued solo project back to the primal, rock nature of her band Hole. With Larkin on retainer, Love became inspired and co-wrote at least ten more songs for possible inclusion on the record; feeling the songs required a more epic, polished feel Love decided to hire Michael Beinhorn, the producer behind her platinum selling Celebrity Skin album, to re-record most of them. With the exception of "Letter To God" and "Never Go Hungry Again" (which appear on Nobody's Daughter in remixed form), the Linda Perry sessions remain unreleased to the public.

Hole - Shepherd's Bush Pie (Live in London 2-17-10)

As we lead up to next Tuesday's official release of "Nobody's Daughter", the first "official" Hole album in over 12 years, i'm going to be posting a 'Hole Lotta Love' in celebration (I'm sorry I couldn't help it...). The first is a recording of the first live performance that the new Hole did post-'Evolution' (Love refuses to call it a reunion of Hole but rather an 'evolution' since no other former members of the band are partaking). Recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London UK on February 17, 2010.

Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire
London UK
February 17, 2010
DV(M) > DVDR(1) [5.8mbps MPEG-2/48kHz PCM] > WAV [48kHz] > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]

The whole show is split between three different RAR files. File sizes:
Part 1 (Tracks 1-9): 188.94 MB
Part 2 (Tracks 10-14): 170.3 MB
Part 3 (Tracks 15-18): 160.72 MB


01. Intro
02. Pretty On The Inside
03. Sympathy For The Devil
04. Skinny Little Bitch
05. Miss World
06. Honey
07. Violet
08. Letter To God
09. Pacific Coast Highway
10. Reasons To Be Beautiful
11. Nobody's Daughter
12. How Dirty Girls Get Clean
13. Malibu
14. Celebrity Skin
15. Samantha
16. Doll Parts
17. Northern Star
18. Never Go Hungry Again

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YOUTUBE: Mary's Danish "Yellow Creep Around"

In 1892,
The New England Magazine published "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore, a 6,000 word short story that in time would be hailed as an important work of early feminist literature depicting attitudes about women's mental health issues in the 19th century. While that may evoke a collective yawn from most of you, don't let it put you off from reading the novella, as it's also a fine example of gothic literature, a tale of subtle horror on par with the best of Edgar Allan Poe. And it's 'creepy' as hell.

A copy of the complete story from the pages of
The New England Magazine is available online to read here: The Yellow Wall-paper, A Story

In 1991, nearly 100 years after the publication of "The Yellow Wallpaper", SoCal eclectic alternative rock band
Mary's Danish released their second album Circa, which led off with the track "Yellow Creep Around", a song based upon Gilmore's famous novella. Masterfully crafted by the band (and producer Dave Jerden), the song is simply a pop masterpiece of epic proportions from the radio tuning samples at the beginning to the final lalalalalalalalalalas that close the tune. If this is the sound of a fragmented mind's descent into madness, sign me up! (Oh wait, too late...)

Friday, April 2, 2010

YOUTUBE: The Muffs "Beat Your Heart Out"

Brilliant cover of the (punk rock) Zeros song "Beat Your Heart Out" that originally appeared as the flipside to the Sub Pop Singles Club release from the band in 1992. Written by Robert Lopez, the man now known to the world as 'El Vez', the Mexican Elvis.

The song is unique in the Muffs catalogue of songs in that it features a full duet between guitarist/main muff Kim Shattuck and drummer Criss Crass. While Crass also sings lead on a cover of the Saints "Do The Robot" (which was released as the b-side to the "Big Mouth" 7" single), and shares vocals with bassist Ronnie Barnett on the early b-side "You Lied To Me" and first album cut "Stupid Jerk", this is the only Muffs song that features both Shattuck and another vocalist. Crass left the band in 1994, and was eventually replaced by Roy McDonald, Crass' former boss at the Wherehouse in Orange County who still occupies the drum seat to this day. While McDonald is an ace drummer, there was never a replacement for the male harmony vocals that Crass supplied, a key element to the early sound of the band, which is evident in full effect here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

YOUTUBE: Redd Kross covers the Runaways "American Nights" with the Fastbacks Kim Warnick (audio, 1992)

To celebrate the release of the major motion picture 'The Runaways', here's an excellent version of their classic tune "American Nights" as performed by Redd Kross with a little help from the Fastbacks/Visqueen's Kim Warnick on lead vocals. This was recorded live in Vancouver BC on April 30, 1992.

YOUTUBE: Rodney Bingenheimer interviews Redd Kross 1987

Rodney Bingenheimer interviews Jeffrey & Steven McDonald of Redd Kross on his influential radio show "Rodney On The ROQ" on KROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 29, 1987. (Part 1 of 4).

In this amusing audio outtake from the program, Rodney and the brothers McDonald discuss amongst other things, the origin and former lineups of the band, their fascination and love for Annette Funicello (immortalized in their classic song "Annette's Got The Hits"), their ultimate dream of a Runaways reunion, as well as plugging their then-new album "Neurotica".

Station: KROQ 106.7 FM
Place: Los Angeles CA
Airdate: Sunday, March 29, 1987
Host: Rodney Bingenheimer
Interviewed: Jeffrey & Steven McDonald of Redd Kross
Music played: "Rodney On The ROQ" by Brian Wilson (Snippet - not from original broadcast); "Annette's Got The Hits" by Red Cross
Songs performed: None.
Show ID's: Brooke Shields 'Rodney On The ROQ Intro' (not from original broadcast); Annette Funicello 'Redd Kross Intro'
Discussed: Neurotica album, record release shows & upcoming live performances, band origins & lineups, The Runaways, Jackie Fox, Lita Ford, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Cherie Currie, Annette Funicello, "Annette's Got The Hits"
Mentioned: Patricia Krenwinkel, Posh Boy, Fishbone, Cher, Bon Jovi
Trivia Question: What is the name of the only female drummer Redd Kross has ever had?
Commercials: None included.